Insurance Planning

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Insurance Planning

We aren’t your average insurance salesmen. We will never try to convince you that any form of life, disability, home, or auto insurance is the magic bullet that will fix all your problems. Instead, we select products that cater to your specific needs and help protect your nest egg from a devastating life event – no bloat and no excessive fees.

Insurance Options

We work with several insurance brokerage agencies and insurance professionals to get the best coverage at a cost you can afford. Our partnerships also allow us to ease through the underwriting process while ensuring we get you the best possible health rate, occupation class, or risk level. In an effort to further control costs, we personally analyze your insurance plans on a regular basis.

Protecting Your Private Information

Rightirement goes a step further and protects your information from the Medical Information Bureau, the nationally centralized database that stores and shares your personal information with other insurance carriers, which can affect decisions later in life.

Beyond the Basics

Our financial advisors ensure that your coverage is continuously working for you and your family. If costs or terms change and are no longer to your advantage, we step in to the right the insurance company’s wrong. Even if you have little interest in other areas of financial planning, we can function as your fiduciary to ensure your existing insurance coverage matches your needs.

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